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We are happy to offer the following services:

  • Well Vision Exams 
  • Medical Eye Care
  • Contact lens fittings and Evaluations
  • Vision Therapy
  • Fill Eye Glass Prescriptions


Comprehensive eye examination:

A Comprehensive eye examination are much more than just getting a glasses prescription.  The doctors thoroughly examine the front and back part of the eye for any eye or systemic diseases and also screen for glaucoma, the doctor will perform a refraction at the same time as a comprehensive eye examination. The refractive examination is the process by which the doctor determines what lenses help you achieve your best visual acuity.



Medical Eye Care:

A medical eye exam is typically covered by medical insurance and includes diagnosis and treatment of eye related medical diseases, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, corneal disease, eye infections, dry eye, etc.


Contact lens fittings and Evaluations:

In this exam, the doctor determines your prescription for corrective lenses and checks for any eye health problems or other issues that may interfere with successful contact lens wear.
The doctor will discuss different contact lens options with you, and once you decide on which ones will be best, you will try on diagnostic contact lenses. The doctor will administer a slit lamp examination to determine if the lenses fit properly. Finally a visual acuity test will be performed to determine how well a contact lens corrects your vision.


Vision Therapy:
Vision Therapy (also known as vision training, visual therapy, or visual training, Orthoptics training ) is therapy involving procedures (eye exercises) which are aimed at improving visual skills such as helping the eyes work together as a team, binocular coordination and depth perception, focusing, improve acuity (clarity of sight), and “hand-eye” or “vision-body” coordination. Vision therapy can involve a variety of procedures to correct and help with visual dysfunctions and is important for patients with amblyopia or “lazy eye”.


Fill Eye Glass Prescriptions:
Today, with increased demand and available technology, there are literally hundreds of lens designs and thousands of combinations available. Choosing the correct lenses for your needs may seem like an easy decision but when faced with the huge array of possibilities, assistance is often required. Our office prides itself on being able to offer professional advice in this area.